Finca Xetuc

Situated ten kilometers from the Mayan community of Santiago Atitlán in the heart of Xetuc country (where the mountain meets the water) lies Finca Xetuc. Nestled at the base of Xetuc Ridge, on the southwest shore of Lake Atitlán, Finca Xetuc is a gateway into the only cloud forest found in the Pacific Basin, which extends from Volcano SanPedro to Volcano Atitlán. It is from Finca Xetuc that the horseback rides and hiking excursions originate.

Finca Xetuc is the home of Jim and Nancy Matison. The beautifully landscaped compound has evolved from a slope to the waterfront into 17 different terraces. Those levels now include breathtaking gardens, statuesque masonry work, and stables. The finca's organic garden provides all the vegetables for the meals that accompany the horseback rides and hikes. During the course of a year more than 100 various types of vegetables, herbs, and fruits are grown. All dishes are gourmet with breads, soups, and salads prepared fresh daily. In other areas of the garden one finds more than 30 varieties of orchids, tree ferns, bromeliads, ponds filled with water hyacinths, and coffee that is grown and processed on the finca. Finca Xetuc radiates an intimacy from its small size that is filled with a vibrancy and exuberance from the many animals and birds in the area. In the evenings, you can hear the mikos (kinkajou) and often throwing zapote seeds at the dogs. Located amongst the vegetation and wildlife are stone tables an fireplaces to provide gentle warmth while observing some of the best that nature offers.

The house has been constructed from the volcanic rocks of brilliant hues and textures mined on the property and surrounding areas. Inside one will discover a museum of 1,500-2,000-yeay-old Mayan antiquities unearthed in the area along with Guatemalan artwork and textiles.

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