Guests staying in the Luna de Miel Suite or taking the Dinner Ride will be able to relax by a fireplace in the living room an relax by the fireplace in the living room or have a drink at the bar. From the living room, through the plate-glass front, one can see the reflections of Santiago's lights shimmering across the surface of Lake Atitlán along with the moon and stars. Surrounding all this is the grandeur of the Volcanos: San Pedro, Tolimán, and Atitlán, which stand guard majestically around the lake.

Construction of Finca Xetuc began in May of 1992 with the leveling of the ground into terraces mined on the property and surrounding areas, soon to be followed by the construction of the home. Jim and Nancy's home is based on the architectural philosophy of the American frank Lloyd Wright in which structures are to blend harmoniously with nature rather than standing apart from nature. Realizing this dream, though, was complicated by factors such as the violent nature of the area in the early 1900's and the absence of electricity, which was not installed until June, 1995, when the house was nearing completion. Despite the many obstacles, the ongoing construction never ceases.

The inspiration for Jim and Nancy's enterprise came from the amazing magnificence of the region as they made the decision to share the splendor combined with fine gourmet dining and superb hospitality. It has the natural environment of Guatemala and the Matison's belief in providing the best service possible that makes it an unparalleled experience anywhere in the world. It is a striking change from the congestion of the village markets and the tourist trail to the serenity and beauty of Guatemala's natural wonders that Jim and Nancy are thrilled to share with you.